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Blog Set Up

Low-cost ways to market your small business

These days a “blog set up” in Miami, City of Doral, or any other city is one of the best approaches to gain presence online. If you’re not familiar with this type of set up, you’ll be confused on where to start or how to set up your blog. There are five important things that you need to remember when setting up a blog.

• The first important thing when setting up a blog is to create a plan. You have to decide where you want your blog to go and what position or function it needs to have. Once you have decided this you will then have a systematized and easy to read blog. • You have to decide on the design even before you set up your blog. Don’t do it the other way around because it’s easier and faster to set up a blog than creating a design for it.

• Create an account on the top three social sites. These sites can help your blog gain more access to networkers and this means you’ll gain extra traffic. It’s better that you set these accounts before you launch your blog so you have advance preparation in doing your social media marketing.

• Create articles that you can use in promoting your blog. Build keywords that you can use in your blog that are related to the articles. You can post these articles to sites such as Hubpages, Squidoo and Ezine. These sites will help promoting your website and the important keywords will help you boost your ranking.

• Make sure you have your content prepared. This means that you have to get your content strategy table ready, as well as prepare some posts that you can send when you need them. This will make it a lot easier for you once you launch your blog.

• The most important thing is to keep up the ever-changing Google Panda rules when it comes to SEO.