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Competitior Analysis

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If you are a business owner in Miami, checking your business competitor’s ranking or online status is always a good and intelligent move. This strategy has the advantage of keeping aware of how your competition presents their products online and the strategic moves that they use to increase their online ranking. Competition analysis is important when you want to maintain a successful website.

To start, you can do your research by searching the name of your competitor using Google. If you can’t find it on Google, it doesn’t mean that they’re not

ranking, it just means that maybe they are using another platform or site. For this reason, you can try to check or search on other sites such as MSN or

Yahoo to see their results. But wait, when you’re searching for these sites, make sure that you use not the site’s name but the site’s products. This way

you can properly check and know your competitor’s ranking. If their website has a high ranking on the search engine, you can then check their keywords


It’s important that you write down the keywords and the title used by your competitor in Miami, because then you can check the content of the site. This

way you can look into the link used and how many times they use a certain keywords or phrase. You have to keep in mind that using your keywords

repeatedly does not mean that it will give you a higher ranking on the search engines, instead you have to be very careful on the amount of keywords that

you can use on your blog or content. Using keywords repeatedly can just create a bad result for your website because it’s considered spamming which

may cause your page or site to get banned.

Competition analysis can give you a clear understanding regarding the right direction that you, as a business owner in Miami want. You should choose

wisely in order to successfully gain a higher ranking in the search engines and increase the profit of your business.


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