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The thing that most business owners take for granted is the fact that a local address equates to a local listing. What does this imply? It simply means
that if your business has a physical address, then apart from national SEO, you should also have local listings and SEO. Any and all business that gets
most or even some of its customers locally should consider local SEO. These businesses are mostly restaurants, independent boutiques, law offices, dental clinics, and more. The elements of national SEO still impact local SEO, however, local listings have a few elements that are unique on its own. First, local listing would have you claim a local profile on Google and any other platforms for that matter that your online marketing specialist prefers.

According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. You should not be surprised if Google already has your business name on the
map because it populates the listings from outside source like yellow pages, super pages, and other platforms. It’s your duty as a business owner to verify
it and claim the name and the place before someone else edits it. Several reports have already been sent to Google saying that many listings have been purposely claimed by online trolls, industry competitors, and crooks.

The next most important thing is citation. Citations or web references are defined as mentions of your company or business name, address, and phone
number (NAP), whether a link is presented or not. An example of a citation is on yellow pages, where your NAP is present, but not the link to your website.

Finally, by getting a local listing, people who have visited or those who continually frequent your business can give you reviews. As an online
marketing professional, we must reiterate the importance of Google Places as it is one of the most essential tools in gaining a higher local ranking. As said earlier, national and local SEO both have benefits so you should consider getting a bit of both for your business. You or your online marketing specialist should make sure that all of your citations are correct and appear the same as your Google listing for uniformity. You should also use your business city and state names in your title tags. Finally, use local markup to push major search engines to identify your location. If it helps, use SEO Latino or anything that serves the same purpose to ensure that all your information is accurate and spread out in other local platforms. You can also find a tool that can compile all of your social profiles. You must remember however that these tools will come at a price. Still, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to encourage great reviews by delivering great services. You can’t ask people to just say good things about you because that’s not how business works. If you

want good reviews, aim for good reviews.
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