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The term Web 2.0 is used to denote an advanced incarnation of web design and development. Web 2.0 is used to empower and enhance sharing data over the Internet, communication as well as augmenting collaboration and facilitating interoperability on the web. Since its inception, Web 2.0 has espoused an entire generation of online forums, social networking sites, blogs, wikis, applications and hosted services online. After the seamless advent of broadband Internet, Web 2.0 began to create a phenomenal online experience for users and cutting edge technologies such as Silverlight and AJAX began to gain credence. One of the biggest benefits of Web 2.0 was that it augmented social media platforms such Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, which in hindsight began to gain increasing patronage from the online community. As the user population on these social networking sites began to grow, businesses started capitalizing on this enormous consumer base by using these sites as advertisement and promotional platforms for their products and services. This practice eventually came to be known as social media marketing: a new way to promote your business and have a closer communication with your costumers. As it stands today, Social Media marketing has become a potent tool for online businesses. By capitalizing on the viral nature of Social Media sites, businesses have been able to effectively promote their products and phenomenally expand their targeted audience.

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