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Real Estate Agents & Facebook Business Page

Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Create a strategy: first of all you have to draw a strategy to manage your Facebook fan page as well as its landing page. In order to manage your facebook fan page you have to follow the below mentioned key points.

Integrate Facebook into your marketing strategy: your business success marketing strategies is currently based on integrating social media marketing like Facebook in your business website. You may integrate Facebook by signing up or through a sharing social option.

1. Facebook Apps for Realtors: It is not a secret that as a realtor you should make social media a fundamental element in your business marketing plan.  With over 700 million active users, Facebook may be an efficient marketing tool if you apply it properly. Facebook Apps for Realtors are available here: https://www.facebook.com/Apps.For.Realtors

2. Maintain a Consistent Flow of Communication: communication is an important tool for the success of your business marketing plan. You have to be communicative with your followers in your Facebook fanpage.

Real Estate Agents & Facebook Business PageMiami Association of Realtors

Real Estate Agents & Facebook Business Page

3. Multimedia Content: now a day’s business owners are using Facebook with content that has beautiful images, videos and audio links. Multimedia content is meaningful and attracts target customers.

4. Integrate Facebook into your blog: integrate Facebook in your business blog along with every blog post you make. As a result, visitors will share your content with other potential customers.

5. Facebook Ads: Facebook offers many types of Ads within its boundaries with different prices that start with 5 dollars. Use your business logo, banners and images for Facebook Ads.

6. Create and maintain a professional image: create a professional fanpage and maintain it regularly and very professionally with content that interest your customers.

7.  Make interesting and relevant status updates: to attract your target audience and customers you have to make interesting and regular status updates.

8.  Engaging potential clients: posting regularly on your status will bring potential clients into your fanpage, so, try to engage your target clients.

9. Use Facebook questions: if you use Facebook questions then it would greatly assist you to gather your target customers. As a result it’ll help you accumulate more visitors in your platform dramatically.

10. Post helpful content and tips: another essential way of bringing followers is to post very useful content and relevant tips or tricks.

11. Highlight Homes for Sale or Rent by changing your cover image: show up homes for sale or rent by altering your cover image.

12. Share Real Estate Images and video in posts: every post you make will be meaningful if you add images and video into your posts. Get an idea here:

13. Add your Featured Listings to a Facebook tab: try to maintain your feature listing to a Facebook tab. It’ll help your visitors to use it. For more details visit here https://realbird.wiki.zoho.com/Setting-up-a-Facebook-Fan-Page-with-Homes-For-Sale-Tab.html OR https://m.facebook.com/notes/imageya/how-to-install-listings-tab-on-your-facebook-business-page/184648594891449/

14. Listen first and never stop listening: in every post you make, you have to notice your customers or followers comments and in respect of their comments you should reply accordingly.

15. Be authentic: being reliable to your target customers will show on your own business.

16. Get help using the right tools: use compatible tools to get help from potential sources.

17. Get creative: creativity is the key to be successful in your business indeed. So, be creative and encourage your audience.

18. Engage constantly and consistently: engaging with your target customers or fanpage followers is another way to develop your business correctly; you just require managing the posts and images constantly and consistently.

19. Use Geo-targeted Ads: brand names on Facebook are now able to use Geo-targeting to promote articles, set up initial posts, and a sister blog which promotes your Facebook page.

The brand new feature can help the brand name in two methods inside Facebook. Brand names that involve Geo targeted on the initial posts may refine their own target areas to achieve bigger audiences or even more thin audiences that are more prone to build relationships out of their own articles, while brands which failed to use Geo-targeting at first, may take benefit of the advantages. Brand names on Facebook: would you make use of the interpersonal Geo targeting options?

20. Have a content strategy: whenever you keep track of your Facebook page learn about your brand-new post, incorporate a declaration or issue that describes a particular stage through the post to push much more clicks, likes, remarks or stocks.
To create your own Facebook fanpage, discuss your articles in a number of ways. Test out pictures, clips, videos, hyperlinks and queries, and track them. After that, you’ll see the actual engagement in the insights to find out that kind of articles are better or have more likes or interactions with your fans. Select your own top-performing articles and keep track of your up-dates.

21. Never forget: Real Estate is Local. If you’re preparing your articles technique make sure it consists on stuff that local people know and like. You can post about the best places to obtain a slice of pizza as well as the greatest spot in the city to have a cup of coffee. Selling or buying a house is really a lot more compared to a home: how is the neighborhood, where are the recreational areas, how far is the college, and much more. Your own audience will want information that is local and will satisfy their questions. To be a good real estate professional you’ll have to give a lot of information about a specific area and make it so attractive that it’ll truly set a person aside.
22. Measure the Success of your efforts: are you aware that Facebook articles obtain the maximum amount of clicks or participation? Are you aware just how much of the website traffic will be in social support systems? Are you aware of where your viewer is actually from? Be sure you’re examining your own HootSuite Stats once per week in order to gauge your own achievement. Additionally make sure you incorporate your Facebook Insights as well as Google Stats in your HootSuite accounts so that you can truly view the real picture.


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Hialeah City, FL Marketing & Economy

Digital Marketing Consulting and Services in Hialeah

While you consider designing a website for the company located in Hialeah business, FL, there are many essential considerations that you must think. The first would be to keep your web site works and budget. Primarily SEO Latino offering web design and SEO to Hialeah business. The major purpose of creating a web site would be to choose a company operation more efficient and simple. To do this, your site must be 100 % efficient. It really is because of this that you must physical exercise lots of extreme caution if you are creating a web site. Unless you possess the needed expertise to perform the task, usually consider employing qualified Arkansas website creative designers. These types of experts will assist you to develop a website which will bring in a global charm.

Because you tend to be coping with specialists that have the necessary experience to do various website design duties, you might be guaranteed of having the very best solutions. Our SEO Latino web design and SEO to Hialeah business specialists will even utilize high-end web development resources to develop your site. Therefore, you might be guaranteed that these specialists will provide you with the very best web site. One more why you need to employ professionals for the web site in Hialeah, FL is the fact they are going to provide you with suggestions about the way you ought to promote your site to remain this towards the top of each and every internet search engine listing.

Are you currently a Hialeah, FL based organization that looking for markting solutions?

Keep in mind the truth that each and every website must be advertised, regardless how smartly designed it but marketing through SEO & SMM might be. Expert such as SEO Latino web site designers will invariably demonstrate ways to market your site. Occasionally you have to employ a trusted SEO organization like us for the online advertising requirements. Search engine optimization services possess turned out to be very effective in assisting site owner’s marketplace their sites on the internet. Using these solutions, you might be guaranteed to get weighty traffic on the web site constantly. Fortunately which PWP Website design has got the greatest web-site designers within FL.? There is an also outstanding SEO solution.

SEO Latino Web site design is really a complete service in Hialeah, FL Web site design Organization that provides solutions in the Hialeah region. Our own services consist of, customized web site design, web site re-design, adobe flash animation, search engine optimization, e-commerce options, as well as website custom development e-commerce and business options enabled that increase sales as well as cultivates brand name devotion.

We professionally serve clients FL, Hialeah based and the rest of the United States, making use of the web in order to contact every customer, no matter where is your area within USA. Our staff associated with experienced graphic designers, website developers, coding programmers as well as account support staff will be ready to choose a web site design successful.


Hialeah City, FL Marketing & Economy

Hialeah City, FL Marketing & Economy

Working with clients in Hialeah have been a success for us, We really think Hialeah is “La Ciudad que progresa”

We will be more than happy to come to your office to show you how we can help with our services SEO, Web Design, Photography, Social Media, Adwords PPC.

Hialeah is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. As of 2010, Hialeah has a population of 224,669. Hialeah is the sixth-largest city in the state, and is a major municipality within Greater Miami. Wikipedia

Economy (The City that progresses)

  The median household income is $29,959.

Most common industries in 2013 (%)

  • Construction (15%)
  • Manufacturing (14%)
  • Transportation and warehousing (13%)
  • Retail trade (12%)
  • Administrative and support and waste management services (8%)
  • Accommodation and food services (7%)
  • Wholesale trade (6%)
Income Less Than 15K 24.71% 12.55%
Income between 15K and 20K 8.87% 5.36%
Income between 20K and 30K 16.48% 10.42%
Income between 30K and 40K 11.76% 9.80%
Income between 40K and 50K 9.17% 8.80%
Income between 50K and 60K 7.55% 7.90%
Income between 60K and 75K 8.37% 9.93%
Income between 75K and 100K 6.97% 12.16%
Income between 100K and 150K 4.79% 13.01%
Income between 150K and 200K 0.83% 5.04%
Income greater than 200K 0.51% 5.03%

Area: 19.7 sq miles (51.02 km²)

Population: 235,563 (2014 – 100% urban) – Median resident age:: 43.3 years

Males: 111,965  (47.5%)
Females: 123,598  (52.5%)

  • Hispanic – 224,417 (95.8%)
  • White alone – 9,017 (3.9%)
  • Black alone – 1,778 (0.8%)
  • Asian alone – 946 (0.4%)
  • Two or more races – 253 (0.1%)
  • Other race alone – 119 (0.05%)
  • American Indian alone – 61 (0.03%)
Hispanic Population
Mexican: 1,825 (0.86%)
Puerto Rican: 5,027 (2.36%)
Cuban: 164,717 (77.40%)
Central American: 17,305 (8.13%)
South American: 13,835 (6.50%)

Zip codes: 33010, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33015, 33016, 33018, 33142, 33147.


View Larger Map


Neighborhoods in Hialeah:
(Hialeah, Florida Neighborhood Map)
•    Andrews Park neighborhood
•    Carole Anne Park neighborhood
•    Central Hialeah (Central) neighborhood
•    Deer Park neighborhood
•    Downtown (Downtown Hialeah) neighborhood
•    East Hialeah neighborhood
•    El Prado (El Prado By The Lake) neighborhood
•    El Prado Country Club neighborhood
•    Essex Village neighborhood
•    Ingleside Park neighborhood
•    Knights Park neighborhood
•    Lago Grande neighborhood
•    Lake Adele neighborhood
•    Lake Patricia neighborhood
•    Linden Gardens neighborhood
•    Mango Hill neighborhood
•    Palm Springs neighborhood
•    Palm Springs Estates neighborhood
•    Rosedale Park neighborhood
•    Saratoga Heights neighborhood
•    Seminola neighborhood
•    Suntan Village (Sun-Tan Village) neighborhood
•    Trojan Park neighborhood
•    Ulelah neighborhood
•    West Buena Vista neighborhood
•    West Hialeah (West) neighborhood
•    Westhaven Heights neighborhood
•    Westhaven Park neighborhood

Hialeah Chamber of Commerce & Industries
240 E. 1st Ave., Suite 217 Hialeah, FL 33010

Facebook group Viviendo en Hialeah 1,472 Members







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WordPress: The perfect tool for your business’ success

Website workshop Course in Miami

More information 786-837-6035

2850 NW 79th Avenue Miami, FL 33122

SEO Latino invites you to take part in the WordPress Website Training Course where you will be educated on the many benefits of using one of the most powerful and popular website building platform.
In a nutshell, WordPress is a practical website building tool that allows even startup companies to build and manage a website for their business on a minimal budget.


The 2-day training, which will be led by a professional, you will have the opportunity to listen to someone who’s very knowledgeable in using the site. Apart from that, you will also be given the chance to get your hands on making an account, managing its contents, adding meta tags, and the like.

By joining the WordPress Website Training Course, you will be able to:
• Build a high-quality hosted website within a short period of time
• Save time and money as WordPress offers a free option for a basic account
• Sell your products and market your services better on a professional website

Having a functional and professional website need not cost too much. So attend the WordPress Website Training Course if you want to build yourself one.
If you want to attend the program, you have to be a fast learner with:
• Previous knowledge in using the computer
• A bit of an experience in using Microsoft Office Tools such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and the like.
• Familiarity in using social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others
• A business to run, a service to market, or a product to sell
• A clear idea of what you want your website to be about
• A business logo and/or a business image

The WordPress Website Training Course is your key to unlocking your visibility online. To help you navigate throughout the whole course, you will be provided with modules that will certainly assist you in managing your website even after the course.
As a company, SEO Latino promises to:
• Simplify every aspect of the course. Rest assured, however, that no important matter will be skipped.
• Discuss important theoretical and complicated topics without by using easy-to-understand step-by-step procedure.
• Help you build and grow your website, starting from the simplest concepts to the most strategic SEO processes.
• Walk you through the whole process of developing a website that will be at par with the online world’s strategic marketing and Social Media buzz.

The WordPress Website Training Course is definitely easy for someone who’s still getting the hang of the World Wide Web. So if you’re ready for online domination, sign up for the course now.


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Local Listing and Citation Services

Local SEO

Affordable Marketing solutions for all businesses in Miami

The thing that most business owners take for granted is the fact that a local address equates to a local listing. What does this imply? It simply means
that if your business has a physical address, then apart from national SEO, you should also have local listings and SEO. Any and all business that gets
most or even some of its customers locally should consider local SEO. These businesses are mostly restaurants, independent boutiques, law offices, dental clinics, and more. The elements of national SEO still impact local SEO, however, local listings have a few elements that are unique on its own. First, local listing would have you claim a local profile on Google and any other platforms for that matter that your online marketing specialist prefers.

According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. You should not be surprised if Google already has your business name on the
map because it populates the listings from outside source like yellow pages, super pages, and other platforms. It’s your duty as a business owner to verify
it and claim the name and the place before someone else edits it. Several reports have already been sent to Google saying that many listings have been purposely claimed by online trolls, industry competitors, and crooks.

The next most important thing is citation. Citations or web references are defined as mentions of your company or business name, address, and phone
number (NAP), whether a link is presented or not. An example of a citation is on yellow pages, where your NAP is present, but not the link to your website.

Finally, by getting a local listing, people who have visited or those who continually frequent your business can give you reviews. As an online
marketing professional, we must reiterate the importance of Google Places as it is one of the most essential tools in gaining a higher local ranking. As said earlier, national and local SEO both have benefits so you should consider getting a bit of both for your business. You or your online marketing specialist should make sure that all of your citations are correct and appear the same as your Google listing for uniformity. You should also use your business city and state names in your title tags. Finally, use local markup to push major search engines to identify your location. If it helps, use SEO Latino or anything that serves the same purpose to ensure that all your information is accurate and spread out in other local platforms. You can also find a tool that can compile all of your social profiles. You must remember however that these tools will come at a price. Still, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to encourage great reviews by delivering great services. You can’t ask people to just say good things about you because that’s not how business works. If you

want good reviews, aim for good reviews.
Yellow pages
Google places

Information for your Listing:

Business Name
Business Owner First Name
Business Owner Last Name
Miami, Florida 33139
Main Phone:
Additional Phone:
Company Email address:
Additional Categories:
Service Radius(Zip-miles)
Work days:
Additional Hours of Operation Information:
Number of Workers:
Youtube Videos URL:
Facebook Fan Page:
Year Establesh

SEO Check List

Activity Check List of a Good SEO Company

• Do they engage in Black Hat techniques such as link exchange?
In order to rapidly climb their way up the search engine hierarchy and gain top page rankings, many SEO companies engage in illicit practices such as link exchange. This is an illegal technique which can get your website blocked from search engine listings.

• Do they employ shortcut methods?
Building organic links is an extensive process that can take months to achieve. In order to expedite the link building process many SEO’s use a combination of organic links and shortcut methods such as pay per click, that can be done without any prior knowledge of SEO Marketing.

Miami SEO• What are their signature SEO techniques?
A legitimate SEO company would be transparent with you and provide you with detailed information about the techniques employed in their SEO strategy. As a customer you have an imperative right to know.

• Are they promising you with the number one spot on Google?
While it is true that no SEO Service can guarantee that your website would bag the number one position on Google, an effective SEO strategy can give you a rough estimate about your websites search engine placement.

• Are they utilizing the best SEO practices for your website?
A credible SEO marketing company would have a sound knowledge of search engine compliance issues and utilize the best practices for your SEO campaign.