Ways You Can Do To Market and Promote Your Artwork


  1. Start a Blog
  2. A blog is a great way to promote your art and you, to sell your art
  3. Plan Your Posts
  4. Use Compelling Titles
  5. Find Your Voice
  6. Spelling and Grammar Check
  7. Link To Other Impotat Resources
  8. Use Images
  9. Be creative and make it your own
  10. Create Your Own Videos
  11. Guest Post on Other Art Blogs
  12. Join and Participate on Online Art Forums
  13. Publish Free eBooks
  14. Submit Your Blog Posts to Article Directories
  15. Make Comments on Other Art Blogs
  16. Use Your Portfolio to Promote your Art
  17. Promote Your Art with a Strong Internet Presence
  18. Look For Gallery Representation
  19. Network, Network, Network @ Art Organizations, Community Events & Follow Up
  20. Getting Active in the Community can Help Promote Your Art
  21. Use Press Releases, Digital Representation
  22. Who Am I? What Will You Learn?
  23. Create a Facebook Page & a Groups
  24. Create an Instagram profile
  25. Create Youtube Channel
  26. Create a Google Plus profile
  27. Create a Flickr profile
  28. Create a Pinterest profile