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What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very potent technique that’s used todrive a surge of qualitative traffic to a website. The traffic is generated through search engines using organic search results. The underlying principle of SEOis that the higher the page rank for a website on a search listing is, the greater are its chances of attracting more visitors. SEO has become an indispensable tool for every online business today. It can be used to generate traffic for a diversity of searches such as image search, video search, blogs, local search as well as the more recent mobile search. The SEO strategy is calibrated by professionals based on extensive knowledge on how search engines function and the most frequent search terms which drive traffic to a website. Search

Engine Optimization is primarily done in two phases:

• The first phase includes editing and optimizing the coding structure and content of a website so that it becomes relevant to keywords and phrases and gets effectively indexed by the search engine bots.
•  Generating inbound links from other websites to increase its credibility in the purview of search engines.

SEO services can be availed either as an independent service or as a component of an elaborate marketing campaign. Since SEO techniques involve altering the internal codes of a site, it works best when used in website restructuring and redesign. If your website is “search engine friendly” it means that it has been optimized to gain traffic from search engines.
A number of SEO’s incorporate the use of Black Hat marketing techniques such as keyword stuffing and spamdexing. These are illegal practices and websites engaging in these practices run the risk of being penalized by search engines.
The components of an effective search engine optimization strategy that generates organic search results are as follows:

•    Generating organic backlinks
•    Analyzing your competitors
•    Extensive keyword research
•    Detailed analysis of website traffic
•    Effective search engine copywriting
•    On Page optimization

What is SEO for you?

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  1. John says:

    Of course. I’m agree to talk with you for discussion for the project.

    What are the most important factor off page & on page SEO?

    Most important factor on page SEO :

    SEO friendly URL:

    Domain names are an important part of Google’s search results. Choose a descriptive and easy-to- read domain name for your website. Sub-pages should also be easy to read

    Unique content, Large content, Quality contet, Fresh content, User friendly content, Optimization quality content that matches user enquiries

    Titel : Your page title is used as a suggestion for the title in Google’s search results. Describe your business in a concise, informative phrase. The most effective page titles are about 10-70 characters long, including spaces.Keep your titles concise and make sure they contain your best keywords. Each page should have its own exclusive title.

    Mata Description : Meta descriptions are page summaries often used by Google and other search engines on the search results page. Write unique descriptions for each page in 160 characters or less.

    keyword density : 3%
    keyword Stuffing

    Most important factor off page SEO :

    Search engines evaluate a website on a number of factors, one of them being the number of links to your site. The larger the number of relevant links to your site, the more popular it’s considered to be.

    web analysis, Competitor analysis, keyword research

    Back links from :
    * Relevant
    * High PR,
    * High quality site
    * Do follow sites
    * 100% white hat & Organic strategy
    * Google friendly
    * Links acceding to panda, penguin & Hummingbird updates.
    * One way and actually get indexed
    * Less OBL
    * Manually

  2. Sarah says:

    I’ve vast knowledge on SEO (Search Engine Ranking), I’ve already got top ranking result of many projects. I’ve got excellent Feedback from my last projects.

    My expertise aria:
    Off Page Optimization
    Link Building
    Article Submission
    Social Bookmark submission
    Directory Submission
    Forum Profile Backlinks
    Rss Feed Submission
    Link Wheel
    Google place submission
    Local Listing

  3. Frank says:

    Following are the link sources that I must recommend to use in my each campaign, I am expert in following link sources and I have got great results for my clients using these sources. I build following type of links as per Google current updates using only white hat techniques.

     Blogging
     Photo Sharing
     Video Promotions
     Article Submission
     Classifieds Submission
     Answers
     Document Sharing
     RSS Directories Submission
     Web 2.0 & Mini Sites Creation
     Blog Directory
     Online Directories
     Tier 2 Marketing
     Industry Niche links

    I create links as per current Google specifications and I believe 1 high quality link give way more benefit to the site rather 100 low quality links.

    I don’t use any automated tool and I believe creating links using automated tools is the cause of getting site penalized by Google. Links those are build using automated tools never give the campaign natural look.

    The main cause of getting the site penalized by Google is that, when we don’t follow the Google current specifications while building our campaign. So in order to top ranking by keeping our site safe from these updates we need to build our campaign by following Google all latest specifications and that is my core strength.

  4. Abril says:

    Well, Actually now a days SEO is not a single effort or discipline. Google is changing it’s algorithm frequently and they want more naturally and legitimacy now days.

    Google penguin 2.1 is an updated version of Google penguin 2.0. Web spam algorithm indeed. Actually Google do not unveil 100% what exact algorithm they are using for their web-spam algorithm. But it’s sure that they want natural approaches towards SEO. In many SEO blogs and Matt Cutt’s blog as well there has been discussion with this Google penguin 2.1. One issue is sure that, Google want more relevant and authoritative link sources and attachment with the social sources etc. And over optimization of keywords has been a major issue since Google penguin 2.0. And it’s continuing with Google penguin 2.1 as well. Using some natural keywords and direct URL along with the targeted keywords will be a good idea. And niche related links sources have been evaluated.

    These are some issued regarding Google penguins 2.1. And in future there will be many more Web spam-protecting algorithm from Google. Google want to give a good and valuable search impression to its customer. So, any kind of bad quality sites, or sites those adopting bad SEO will be on the track any longer. Social clouding, relevancy of link sources, marketing relevancy these will be evaluated for sure.

    I believe that it’s better to prevent lost in the SERP rather than regain it after any kind of Google algorithm updates. So, we will must need to go ahead with such SEO approach so that, after any kind of algorithm updated the site do not lost it SERP (at a huge range) or penalized. Prevention is always better than cure indeed.

    I will send you some SEO approaches that I will do for the site if I am hired for the post. Actually, SEO works has some common approaches like- back-links, bookmarking, directory. Citations, forum, articles etc. all knows these. But the issues that is not known to all that is how to go ahead naturally with t approaches How to go ahead with related sources, how to outreach the partners etc etc. I can ensure you that I will do these effectively and legitimately.

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts and recommendation or any kind of requirements. I will be there for you.


    What are the most important factor off page & on page SEO?

    well, on-page is the core of off page. Without a good on-page it’s tough to get a good result with off-page. I will perform all the on-apge that will be needed for the site.

  5. Sunil K. says:

    Off-Page White Hat SEO:

    1. Link Building
    2. Backlink submission
    3. Classified ads Submission
    4. Forum Posting & Profile linkbuilding
    5. Directory Submission
    6. Social bookmarking submission
    7. Profile link Creation
    8. Article submission
    9. Press Released Creation and Submission
    11. Blog Commenting
    12. Video/Slide/Image Submission
    13. Search Engine Submission
    14. Q & A Sites Participation
    15. Creating Link wheels
    16. Ping submission
    17. Hubpages submission
    18. Local Business Listing
    19.Photo Sharing submission
    20. RSS Feed Creation and Submission

    On-Page White Hat SEO:

    1. Website analysis
    2. Competitor Analysis
    3. Title Tag Optimization
    4. Meta Tag Optimization
    5. Keyword Optimization
    6. Traffic Analysis
    7. Inner page linking
    8. Alt Image tag optimization
    9. Content optimization
    10. Keywords Research
    11. Content Writing/Updating
    12. Google Analytic Setup
    13. Webmaster setup
    14. Robots text files setup
    15. Xml Sitemap setup.
    16 Write unique onsite Meta for all website pages.
    17. WordPress Onsite website Meta setup,
    18. PHP, HTML onsite website Meta setup
    19. Canonical tag setup
    20. Website URLS Rewrite to make it SEO friendly.

    Social Medial Optimization Services:

    1. Facebook Marketing
    2. Reddit Submission
    3. Stumbleupon Submission
    4. Youmob Submission
    5. Flickr Submission
    6. Delicious Submission
    7. Scoop.it Submission
    8. Google Plus Submission
    9. Tumblr Submission
    10. Twitter Account Setup
    11. Pinterest Account Setup
    12. Linkdian Account Setup

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