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WordPress: The perfect tool for your business’ success

Website workshop Course in Miami

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2850 NW 79th Avenue Miami, FL 33122

SEO Latino invites you to take part in the WordPress Website Training Course where you will be educated on the many benefits of using one of the most powerful and popular website building platform.
In a nutshell, WordPress is a practical website building tool that allows even startup companies to build and manage a website for their business on a minimal budget.


The 2-day training, which will be led by a professional, you will have the opportunity to listen to someone who’s very knowledgeable in using the site. Apart from that, you will also be given the chance to get your hands on making an account, managing its contents, adding meta tags, and the like.

By joining the WordPress Website Training Course, you will be able to:
• Build a high-quality hosted website within a short period of time
• Save time and money as WordPress offers a free option for a basic account
• Sell your products and market your services better on a professional website

Having a functional and professional website need not cost too much. So attend the WordPress Website Training Course if you want to build yourself one.
If you want to attend the program, you have to be a fast learner with:
• Previous knowledge in using the computer
• A bit of an experience in using Microsoft Office Tools such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and the like.
• Familiarity in using social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others
• A business to run, a service to market, or a product to sell
• A clear idea of what you want your website to be about
• A business logo and/or a business image

The WordPress Website Training Course is your key to unlocking your visibility online. To help you navigate throughout the whole course, you will be provided with modules that will certainly assist you in managing your website even after the course.
As a company, SEO Latino promises to:
• Simplify every aspect of the course. Rest assured, however, that no important matter will be skipped.
• Discuss important theoretical and complicated topics without by using easy-to-understand step-by-step procedure.
• Help you build and grow your website, starting from the simplest concepts to the most strategic SEO processes.
• Walk you through the whole process of developing a website that will be at par with the online world’s strategic marketing and Social Media buzz.

The WordPress Website Training Course is definitely easy for someone who’s still getting the hang of the World Wide Web. So if you’re ready for online domination, sign up for the course now.